Living in Horse Racing Dream

[Limited Edition] Racing Horse Wall Clock

HKD 338
Legendary racehorses start are training when they are ponies. Every second matters during a horse race, thus racehorse and its training team make use of every second to upkeep the racehorse's fitness and winning spirits, in order to realise the champion dream.

Inspired by the Golden Sixty - who was crowned Horse of the Year at Hong Kong Champion Awards 2021 and whose owner, jockey and trainer were all Chinese, Gift at Race presents to you the Limited Edition “Living in Horse Racing Dream” Home Collection including Racing Horse Wall Clock, Magnetic Horse Plush Curtain Tieback – Golden Sixty and Horse with Carrot.

Take the race course home in a clock! The Race Horse Clock features a green fabric clock surface, and clock hand DESIGNED with horses and carrot. As time goes by, the horses on the clock hand chase after their favourite treats – carrots.
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  • Specifications

    Material: ABS Frame, HIPS Back Cover, Taiwan Electrostatic Movement, Include 1 AA carbon-zinc Battery

    Diameter (mm): 300

    Packaging size (mm): 308 L x 52 W x 308 H

    Weight with packaging (gram): 885