SaSa Ladies' Purse 20/21

About "Sasa Ladies’ Purse":
First run in 1846, the Ladies’ Purse is one of Hong Kong’s oldest races.  In a tradition established for well over a century, ladies would attend the event dressed in their finest outfits, while the owner, trainer and jockey of the winning horse would be awarded gold sovereigns by a renowned lady.  Nowadays, the winner is presented with a gold coin inside a purse as a memento in honour of this venerable tradition.

SaSa Ladies' Purse Themed Merchandise

925 Sterling Silver Horse Bit Bracelet with Letter Charm
HKD 498 HKD 398
925 Sterling Silver Horseshoe Necklace with letter Charm
HKD 598 HKD 498
925 Sterling Silver Letter Charm
HKD 128
Ladies Handkerchief set of 4
HKD 298
Kids Handkerchief Set of 4
HKD 298
Men Handkerchief set of 4
HKD 298